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I have had this game For quite a while before the store, school, and medical clinic came out. I totally love it! I do have a couple of proposals These are only a couple of proposals I have some more. In any case, I would prefer not to make this to long. I welcome everything you do and have finished with this game it is fun are on the whole ages I’m 14 and play this and my younger sibling who is 6 plays it and we love it! honest money earning app 

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“I recollect the day when I was haphazardly searching for games and discovered these! (This was before the school and clinic were made 😁) I love the games so a lot yet I wish you could at any rate include two or three things, I realize it takes you a long effort to outline the game, and afterward invigorate it. In any case, I figure this won’t be a ton of work:1.teenagers would be amusing to have they could do the looking after children the guardians could have a night out.2. The guardians don’t have a spot for a night out or only for the entire family to go out. You should include cafés or make an application only for restaurants.3. Myplayhome neighbors I have seen loads of others state you should make it and I know it’s a great deal of work but…….All the family’s need homes even the employees.4. The “”first”” representatives can’t plunk down the individuals that work at stores and stuff might you be able to refresh that please?5. Grow the house and enough rooms for everybody to have their own.6. Make a vehicle shop where you can purchase a greater vehicle so you can have a numerous children as you want.7. Let us utilize the garage!!!8. Include more workers at the emergency clinic. ~ My playhome childcare includes:Diapers, wipes, evolving table, alterable bed sheets, break room, play area, 3 study halls, 2 dens, and in any event 20 new toys. And furthermore includes baby characters that resemble the children, and the children. ~ my playhome neighborhood incorporates: 


3 additional houses for all family’s, refreshed kitchens-present day , television’s are greater, spaces for children and youngsters that resemble the children! 2 restrooms, and well new garments!~ my playhome office incorporates: Sorta like the emergency clinic yet it has a gathering room and more work outfits, recording space for like a news channel and conceivably a space to distribute papers! Furthermore, we get the opportunity to type and put photos of the mishaps on the page!  money earned apps


~ my playhome furniture store incorporates: Furniture you can purchase and it will supplant the one at the house you pick, in the event that you need it back you can go to the store and change it. For instance the high seat in the kitchen you can purchase another or change the shading to pink green and earthy colored, and so on.”