5 ways to install android apps on your phone or tablet

Android is one such platform which gives freedom to the users to do as they please. There are many phones which are not approved by Google and yet they run on Android OS. In these systems, installing apps through Play Store is not possible. Does that mean you cannot use the full of Android? Well, the answer is no. This is probably one of the best things about using an Android device. In this article, we will talk about the 5 ways to install android apps on your phone or tablet earn talk time app.

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Play Store:

The most obvious one indeed. If your phone runs on an Android platform, you can download and install from the Google Play Store. You can locate the Play Store icon under the Google Folder in your Android smartphone. It can also be accessed by tapping the Store icon in the smart screen. Once you are in Play Store, you can find the app which you want either by search or by browsing through the various categories available in it. The Play Store has around a million apps to choose from. So play around and keep installing. 


Play Web Store:

Google has an feature where you can access the Play Store online from your pc. It allows you to remotely install apps to your phone. This is particularly handy if you are surfing online and come through an app when you don’t have your phone nearby.  The web service allows you access to all of the apps available in the play store. You can even handle multiple installations in case you have multiple accounts.


Third Party Installations:

This is the best thing about Android. It allows you to install 3rd party apps too. There are many services like the Amazon Store that provides cool new apps for use. There is also Humble Bundle with the same accessibility as Amazon App Store. You just need to enable the setting of installation of 3rd party apps in your device. You are all set to try out new apps now. 


Side Installations:

In case you can’t access Play Store, don’t worry. You can even install apps apart from using the Play Store. You can download the .apk files online or from your friends and can install them easily. A word of caution. There are many websites which gives .apk files but are malicious and these apps can be critical to your privacy. So, make sure if you install from outside, it’s from a trusted source. This is particularly helpful for paid apps. There are many websites which give the patched version of premium apps as apk files. Now, you can use premium apps for free https://www.freehitapp.org/. 


PC installations:

You can install apps from your pc if you want to push your boundaries. Just switch on the developer mode in your phone and then you are all set to install whatever app you want to. If you develop your own app or are trying some modification, the best way is to push it into your android system using a suite from your pc. App installations are easy and there is no restriction on how much you can try.