Tips to boost your app downloads while marketing your app

So, you finally had you’re your app launched in the market. Even with beautiful creative designs, outlooks, screenshots, and engaging content that you give to your app using good ASO services, your app might not receive the same success you thought for?

Even with spending countless hours and a lot of effort developing your app, all the effort might go waste without the right users if you get a lot of traffic visiting your app page and getting only a few organic installs. You might need to think where you are going wrong.

It’s probably about attracting the right users through marketing the app even if you’re a small startup and doesn’t have enough budget to work with great promoting platforms or huge aso services in India who don’t know how to get better with their marketing.

Aso service

Here are a few tips taken from best aso services in India, we compiled this for you to optimize the promotion of your app.

  • Start a blog with a niche expert and promote your app in every feature and update of your app.
  • Be creative. Click worthy. Share worthy while you are promoting your ads on various platforms.
  • Always come up with an excellent app preview because most users watch the app preview and decide whether to install it or no. Show the right content and exciting features of your app in the video.
  • Ask for app reviews in popular tech blogs. This helps in attracting potential customers.
  • Always hire or ask a proper niche content writer regarding your app’s category to promote or write for your app. Because they always know how to promote it.
  • Apply for app awards. It surely gives a good impression when the user visits your app page.
  • Focus on user retention rather than user acquisition. This is because it’s important for you to make your users happy while using your app. Take their reviews and ask them for any changes they wish for.
  • Give rewards to the best users of the app. It not only helps in making users interested but excited to use it. This is the best method for shopping apps. Mainly for aso services in India because, online shopping is the new go to for this generation.
  • Host a contest or quiz. Come up rewards eventually for the winners.
  • Follow a strict ASO strategy that works. Invest in good ASO team; this helps in getting more downloads and conversion rates in the long term.
  • The most effective method in promoting your app is social media influencing program. It gives trust and a good impression when their favorite person talks about it.
  • Focus on the reviews. Focus on both negative and positive reviews. Take notes from the critic reviews. Help them in special and rectify their problem. This helps you retain them.
  • Have a good customer care team. The main problem most users face is when they can’t understand the use of the app or any problem with them. The last response or vague replies makes the user lose interest.
  • Feature your app. Featuring your app in the app store is said to gain good traffic and organic downloads. There is a contest like “featured app of the day” in app stores. Try to participate in them. 


No matter how hard you try to attract traffic. If they aren’t interested in your app, they don’t need them. Come up with new strategies and ideas to make your app interesting to your users, and eventually, you get a good brand name for your consistency and performance.