The Best Top Features of iPhone You Love To Know

Look below for the Top ten iPhone features for users;


The music player pauses automatically if any call comes in as well as resumes automatically following the call is ended.

2.Easy Synchronization

IPhone as well syncs with iCal on your Mac.

3.Live YouTube Videos

We simply need to type in the name of the video we would like to see and it will show all relevant videos. It is not included in the browser. The excellence of the videos gets better for the iPhone as well as we can bookmark even our preferred videos.

4.Good quality Web Browsing

It gives the most excellent browsing experience which any other mobile can never deliver.

5.Rotate Screen

The screen will be automatically rotated if you are watching any film, movie or a picture. Playing the game or else, the screen will rotate automatically.


It is incredibly easy and appealing to have this app feature on iPhone because it offers a real-time experience of spinning the pages in the book. You can also highlight as well as bookmark the text while you are reading a book.

7.Face Time Calling

It is accessible simply through Wi-Fi. You can have video calls right away with this feature.

8.Retina Display

It offers the best promising sharpness as well as quality. iPhone retina display quality is unmatched.


Having a good quality camera in a cellular phone entails that it has torn out to be a multi-functional device, in addition to prevents one from really having to take a camera around for several of the most ordinary occasions where you may use a camera. The resolution of the camera is extremely excellent for a mobile phone and is an additional of the well-liked iPhone features.


To download an app on the iPhone is one of the finest features that users love and enjoy on this device. There are so many great apps on iPhone that you can never find in any other smartphone.