App store Optimization is the very first thing that one should do in order to create a distinct identity for his or her app, among so many apps on the playstore how would you create a separate identity for your app so that people download it or take screenshots.

App store Optimization is the process that enables you to make your app love very presentable and appealing to the people. It helps in enhancing the app  visibility and conversion rate in order to attract more traffic .It will optimize your app to your higher rank .The higher is your app’s rank in the play store the greater will be its visibility for users. App store Optimization also requires a crucial understanding of App store Optimization keywords and customer base.

Basic Features Of App Store Optimization 

  • Keywords-  App store Optimization keywords helps in improving the  search rank of your app, App store Optimization keywords are of utmost value . You should know the basic keywords which the customers often use . The App store Optimization keywords enable you to select  the key terms your customer uses while searching.
  • Title-  Your app title should be  unique, descriptive , relevant. All this will affect your app’s rank on the google store or the iPhone. To ensure that your app can be clearly identified, keep your app title short and sweet.
  • Relevant description- Your app description should not complicate the users, it should be  simple and in  concise language, list the unique benefits it offers, that should be compelling to the reader to download it. You have been successful in compelling app store about your app relevancy through your keywords now it is time to prove the customers that the app is suitable to meet their needs.
  • The app icon should be unique- The first thing that the users notice about your app is the App icon . While deciding your icon design, it’s important to note that the App Store and Google Play both vary in their approach. Both stores have presented their different standards for ideal size, geometry, colour etc. in order to maintain a standardized form.
  • Add screenshots and videos with your app description Visual learning conveys  more about what actually you are trying to explain about the app allowing potential customers to visualize using your app before they make the download.

Your screenshots should clearly indicate your app’s most significant features, latest updates, and the pages on which your customers will spend most of their time.

  • Increase your users traffic through app promotion-  The greater traffic you drive to your app profile,  the higher it will rank in search results. Promoting your app through various platforms is going to help in driving more audience towards it, it creates more fan following of the app. 

These key features of Best app store Optimization play a vital role in developing a more user base for your app, it develops your app credibility and increases public confidence.