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This isn’t the main issue with you yet there are a few different clients who experience such undesirable issues where their applications consistently gets smashed. Be that as it may on the off chance that you see the reasons, at that point you can bunches of them. Restart your gadget Apps smashing issue can be explained by restarting your gadget. This is the simple and most ideal approach to dispose of any undesirable blunders. Let loose some space-As the issue may be because of less space on your android gadget, so its better to let loose some space by evacuating the information or applications that isn’t required. Indeed, even you can move it SD card and make some space on your telephone Factory reset-When no strategy works then processing plant resetting android gadget is the main and last alternative. This strategy will work adequately and your gadget will get ordinary as in the past. Yet, here you ought to likewise take note of that manufacturing plant reset can erase all your fundamental information. So you should reinforcement every one of your information already in safe spot. Memory utilization going past admissible levels. Arrangement is to guarantee object reuse however much as could reasonably be expected. For instance Table Cells can be reused to guarantee the substance that should be shown at a given point in time is in the memory. play store buy ratings

Apple haters flood Google Play with abusive reviews for their Move ...

Memory releases (stale items sticking around and eating memory). Ensure you use records and static articles with care. Typically a static article or item references in a common rundown will prevent the Activity object from trash collected.Unhandled special cases. Ensure foreseen special cases are dealt with properly.Trying to get to non-existent memory area. Ensure you have away from of life time of the articles you make. 


There are such a significant number of reasons why your android application continues slamming and now and again simply taking a gander at the code on pastebin doesn’t give any trace of the motivation behind why. Have a go at running the application on the android emulator incorporated with the android studio and when the application crashes it will show the blunder stack follow. You can likewise open the debugger reassure (on the off chance that it doesn’t show consequently when the application collides with) follow this blunder stack follow and you ought to have the option to distinguish what is making your application crash.