Important factors to improve my app installs

Getting app installs is a tough task and an important one too. After all this is the real business. TheĀ  more the downloads, the better are your profits. Before we dive into the main topic, let us understand the scenario at the App Store. The App Market expanded many fold and so did the revenue. […]

5 ways to install android apps on your phone or tablet

Android is one such platform which gives freedom to the users to do as they please. There are many phones which are not approved by Google and yet they run on Android OS. In these systems, installing apps through Play Store is not possible. Does that mean you cannot use the full of Android? Well, […]

30 Things To Do Immediately About Buy App Store Ratings

Hello Why in Telegram settings Privacy section Groups and channelsThere is only the “All” option and the “My contacts” option !? Why is there no “nobody” option ??? !!! Please respect our rights and provide the conditions for our well-being in Telegram! We are so tired of being added to groups and channels without our […]